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    Global Connectivity

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    Collaborative Learning

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    Zero-to-Launch Education

    Grit and Innovation Incubator


    The School On The Way is a 5th - 12th grade micro school for families who want more for their child in the 21st century than a 19th century education.


    Our Mission is to inspire each student to ask big questions, exercise creative thinking, use both heart and imagination to find a calling, and become global-minded future makers and servant leaders. We not only value academic excellence, but also integrity and moral character. Our School is founded on the belief that knowledge is most valuable when used to serve the community and people around you and serving with integrity and love is the most effective way to change the world for the better. Our students are taught to have a global perspective and seek to be change makers.

  • A Global Micro School

    21st Century One Room School House with Global Connectivity

  • Global Campuses

    Jeju Island

    Coming Fall 2019

    Kuala Lumpur

    Coming Fall 2018

    Silicon Valley

    Coming Fall 2018

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