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    Who should start a School On The Way campus?

    Whether you are a homeschooling parent, a superstar teacher, or community hero passionate about the future of education, launching a School On The Way (SOTW) campus is perfect if you wish to build a student-focused local community hub for globally focused learning.

    What are the characteristics of the School On The Way?

    • close-knit learning community made up of gifted and talented students
    • mixed-grade projects - bringing students of all ages together to collaborate
    • Visioneers (a.k.a. teachers/coaches) who do more guiding and less lecturing
    • extensive use of some of the best digital and online resources to create personalized learning paths
    • local tutors, practitioners, and experts who help and share in the mission to educate
    • global campus exchange and projects proven invaluable to student engagement of real-world learning

    Why partner with the School On The Way?

    Our commitment to you:

    1. Use of The School On The Way name and story for recruiting the right families.
    2. Our vault of curricula, projects, best practices guides, and global campus network.
    3. All of the processes and procedures it takes to launch your own campus.
    4. An immersive tour of our Silicon Valley campus.
    5. Certified Professional Visioneer (CPV) course to prepare you for success.
    6. A monthly “best practices” newsletter for EduPreneurs running a School On The Way campus.
    7. Two invitations to our annual The School On The Way Conference.
  • Globally Connected

    World Schooling + International Campuses

    Getting on a plane and traveling to another campus in another country is an essential part of growth and education at The School On The Way.