• From Jeju Island

    to Silicon Valley

    30 Years in the Making

  • Our History

    Family of Educators

    At its root, The School On The Way began more than 30 years ago with the dreams and visions of Han Song, the founder of Jeju Yale Academy, the largest and oldest private academy in Jeju Island. After completing his studies in the US, Han returned to Jeju Island (famously known as Korea's Paradise Island) to teach students the academic skills and character values necessary to become global servant leaders.


    In 2006, to bridge the gap between learning and life calling, Julie Song (Han's daughter) started to expand the school's scope and eventually launched Yale Success School (est. 2011) to inspire both students and teachers to become lifelong learners. Teachers and learners from all over the globe traveled to Jeju Island to partake in the program.


    Growth continued as the Jeju government established Global Education City to make the island the Education Hub of Northeast Asia, and in 2017, David Yi (Julie's husband) joined the mission to connect "Jeju to the World, the World to Jeju". Julie and David agreed that there is a desperate need to reimagine how education is done around the world, and decided to launch The School On The Way, the first intercontinental school of its kind.

  • Our Mission

    To equip all those who enter our doors to use HEART, HEAD, and HANDS to serve and lead one another with integrity and love, so we may be edified to be global difference makers.

  • Message from Founders

    "The School is a step on the way to . . ." 

    How you complete this sentence will depend on who you are and who you want to be in the future. To succeed in the journey of life (or any journey for that matter), you need to know your destination; your goal; your purpose. The School exists to help you not only foster wisdom to find an excellent life purpose, but also to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to turn the dreams that you dare to dream into reality. Thus, the School is committed to supporting growth in:


    Passion, identity, and purpose.


    Brain, wisdom, and knowledge


    Practice, skills, and experience

    The School is dedicated to raising inter-culturally competent servant leaders because we believe that no matter what your calling in life, your HEART, HEAD and HANDS are most valuable when used to serve the community and people around you, and serving with integrity and love is the most effective way to change the world for the better. Possessing this global perspective and knowing that you are indeed a difference maker are essential to living a fulfilled life, no matter what you're called to do.